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Mighty Angel Protector

Since I have been blessed with this beautiful new neighborhood, both with a lake and surrounded by lakes, I have been walking more just to absorb the aesthetics. Soon I realized that this would be an excellent way to ‘sneak’ … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From a Puzzle

My little girl smiles up at me with a somewhat mischievous look. All the visions and parts in her head bringing her delight as she realizes they have all shown up for her. With perseverance and patience each piece of … Continue reading

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To Be or Not to Be

I sink further in my isolation. I have now crossed to a place where I just want to be alone. If I am alone, I cannot be hurt by the pretending that everything is alright. I can’t be hurt by … Continue reading

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Can You See My Suffering?

So who do you talk to when there is no one to talk to? I call the sexual assault hotline and a man answers. Yes, I understand that men get raped. I get that it would be good for them to … Continue reading

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Sharing Honest Survivor Feelings

I wrote this a few days ago as my anniversary dates approach. Right now I am choosing to survive, writing this drained enough of my energy to allow me to lie down and sleep. I have debated about posting it here. … Continue reading

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