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Beauty Will Rise

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote this incredible song out of the excruciating pain of losing his beloved daughter, Maria, to a freak accident. It is composed with the verse from Isaiah that I use for this website. I am sure he would … Continue reading

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Volunteering to Relieve Suffering

suf·fer v. suf·fered, suf·fer·ing, suf·fers v.intr. 1. To feel pain or distress; sustain loss, injury, harm, or punishment. 2. To tolerate or endure evil, injury, pain, or death.3.  To allow, especially by reason of indifference. Each day we must decide which … Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

My dog Mindy ran into the house, jumped on the couch and curled into a little shaking ball. I watched perplexed, thinking something outside scared her. She started to gnaw and lick her leg, followed by a race around the living room, then she … Continue reading

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Considering Ducks

I could see the rain splashing across the lake. The safest place to stay dry was under the patio cover. From that vantage point, I noticed the ducks sitting on the lake did not flinch when raindrops hit them. I pondered this relaxing scene for a while. … Continue reading

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Overcome and Stay Alive

As I prepare myself for the funeral tonight, celebrating the life of the woman who had lost her strength to fight, I came across a paper with these three truths. PLEASE Always Remember: (and come back here if you forget!!) … Continue reading

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