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Cursing God?

 I awoke Thursday feeling physically worse than I had the day before. It was my second day out of the hospital and I was hoping for at least a little improvement each day. On top of that our weather increased in … Continue reading

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Consequences of Not Telling

The migraines returned. Two and a half short days. Today is the 29th and I have officially had four days this month without significant physical pain. After exploring all other options, weather, bad food, bad drugs, medication issues, etc. I … Continue reading

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Scars Tell Our Story

I have been very bothered by the physical scars left behind from the rapes. Seeing them on my body is a constant reminder of what happened and I have had this erroneous belief that having them gone will help me … Continue reading

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Physical Pain as a Diversion

I acknowledge that I have been behind on my writing lately. Today marks the first day headache free in over two weeks. My migraine kicked up with the last major storm and decided it was going to stay. After multiple … Continue reading

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Creative Distraction

Countless hours are spent in therapy, post trauma, learning coping skills for when the PTSD flares. I have done writings, drawings, and craft projects as those wiser than myself try to ingrain in my head, healthy ways of dealing with … Continue reading

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