Healing Love

After a difficult week emotionally and physically, with lots of running day and night, my immune system finally through up the white flag. It didn’t care how much water I have been drinking, have much vitamin C I have swallowed, or the amount of zinc I ingested. I am sitting in the office one minute minding my own business and…little cough. Several more little coughs. You know how you just know when you are getting sick  and it isn’t just a tickle that will pass?

So last night I start the Mucinex, drink so many fluids I thought I might float out of bed, and hit the zinc homeopathic cough drops. My chest kept getting airier. This morning I followed one hot tea with another putting up the best fight I could, and I was still feeling pretty awful.

After my boyfriend got off work he came to check on me then went to find some wonderful chicken soup that I requested. While out he got my favorite ice cream sandwiches, the purple drinks I love, and a bouquet of very brightly colored flowers! To tell you the truth I didn’t know he had it in him. I started crying. Of course you know it didn’t matter what the chicken soup would do now, that was an incredible pick me up.

It is so good for the soul to feel loved and spoiled!

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