Pandora’s Project

I recently had the honor to participate in a video created as an outreach to victims of sexual assault. Pandora’s Project is a nonprofit set up for support, resources, and healing for victim’s of rape and sexual abuse.

Pandora’s Project offers a message board and chat room, free lending library, and numerous articles and resources. We welcome all survivors of sexual violence. If you’ve been a victim of stranger rape, acquaintance or date rape, molestation, incest, childhood sexual abuse, partner or marital rape, gang rape, or any other type of sexual assault, you are welcome here as you recover and reclaim your life.

Last week they released this video and I have already received personal feedback about how much the message impacted others’ lives. For that I am grateful. For that it is worth another step in removing the mask.

Healing is possible. You can survive sexual violence. ~Finding Hope

For some reason the video keeps disappearing. If it is gone again, it can be found here:

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