Aftermath of the Burglary

The day of the burglary and for my safety, the decision was made for me to move from my home in my family’s neighborhood. It happened in a whirlwind, it was heart wrenching, and I cried most of the day of moving in and the first day of being there. I also lusted over and daydreamed about turning my vehicle in front of a very large truck, though I didn’t want to hurt that driver. I have never lived in a community housing situation and though my apartment is very nice with a great view of a lake full of water fowl, I couldn’t settle my fears including all the new ones that came with living in an unfamiliar setting.

I am sure, given enough time, this will pass. Let me leave two messages to the well meaning people who continue to try to console me. Telling me it is just stuff continues to infuriate me, the stuff is only a small part of what is bothering me about this crime, think BIG picture. Think about this being the third crime happening in my house in less than a year, and the fourth to my family in that neighborhood. And to those of you who keep telling me this stuff happens everywhere, it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you are in, that’s just not helpful when we attempted to move me to a “safe” neighborhood.

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