Unconditional Support

Let me start off by saying that I love Pandora radio. I find some of my
favorite songs through them, including this one from Jason Mraz
entitled “I won’t Give Up”. It tells the story of the security I have
found with my new husband. So much is written about the healing
power of love but until you experience a love that will not let you go no
matter what, it is hard to grasp, even harder to believe.

When my emotional storm was at it’s worst, after being told the rape
was my fault because I was a victim previously, I wanted to scream and
cry but I was afraid to do it in front of anyone. I begged my husband to
go out for awhile and he just sat still and said he was not leaving me.
He held me close and just kept saying let it out, release it, I am here.
I couldn’t hold back any longer and bless my husband he held me tighter and let me be me, even when it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy to do so. He was the first person I have ever let witness that kind of intense anger and it was so healing and liberating. I think screams came from many past abuses…and he held me. When I can’t figure out why…   he stays.

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