Project Unbreakable

I was randomly listening to different videos on YouTube. At the end of
one song, a link came up for this video about a young woman, Grace
Brown, who created a photography project that took on a life way
beyond what she had expected. She named it Project Unbreakable.
Project Unbreakable aims to “encourage the act of healing through art.”
Grace should be recognized nationally for her courage to speak out!
Turned into a PSA this work could become very educational.

I find it interesting that talking about sexual abuse and assault in public
is taboo and yet whenever someone does find the courage, the response
is overwhelming. One person’s bravery sparks a firestorm of people who
come out from every walk of life to add their voice. These are stories that are begging to be told. They sit deep inside the heart of their owners, eating away at their soul. As they claw for somewhere to sneak out, the owner turns to anything s/he can find to shut them up; alcohol, drugs, prostitution, self-injury. People are literally dying for someone to hear them, to bear witness to unimaginable moments of horror, moments that continue to add uncontrollable terror to their thoughts day and night. It is quite a conundrum to fear bringing the story into the light while craving to escape the darkness where it is imprisoned. The dialectic of both longing to be invisible and yearning to be seen.

So here is Grace raising her voice and calling for others to do the same; (TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault)

And hopefully the more these stories of the unthinkable are told, the less we will hear about them happening.

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