Broken Girl by Matthew West

I posted this song awhile ago when I first found it. It is now my angry
music when I am allowing the pain and the rage to move through me.
Today when I was searching YouTube, I found this version which
was created more recently. It is very intense in both the images the
creator posted and and the words and quotes she chose to go along
with them. I felt that she did such an incredible job with telling the story
and illustrating the sorrow and damage that I decided it was worth
doing another post with this song.

The message in the song Broken Girl by Matthew West, is so vital, so necessary to be heard by not only survivors, but by everyone who breathes in this sinful world. We can no longer live in the dark pretending that this is happening somewhere else, that it is a crime of the poor and the uneducated. It is happening in the house next door to you, and worse yet, it is happening in the church down the street.

I wish that even Christian radios stations had the fortitude to play songs like this to reach out to women who are lost and suffering in silence in the middle of every crowd we encounter. Maybe she is dirty or unkempt, life having taken all the strength she thinks she has left. More likely she is the one that you have watched from afar and always wished you could be like, so perfectly put together, so in control…on the outside. Designer jeans or a well pressed suit may be the only thing that keeps the broken, festering wounds from showing while she is raw and bleeding uncontrollably on the inside. That’s right, take any room and count four women, one of those was likely sexually abused before she was 18, many before they were 5.

That is the harsh reality of the dark, please watch the video while you listen to this song. I challenge you then to share it with at least one other person. Together we CAN get this message into the light…YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THE BROKEN GIRL!!

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  1. marie says:

    The key being…


    dont wait for someone else to do it.

    YOU… be the one and reach out

    YOU – my precious beauty, bless my heart!! I love that you are writing again.


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