Someone Worth Dying For

Last evening I received a tragic phone call, a young woman with a husband and two small children had taken her life. She had sung on the worship team for different classes at our church for over five years. Besides what seemed to be obvious anorexia, she played the masquerade well, smiling and greeting everyone around her.

I have known many who have talked of suicide, a few who have tried, been friends with people who have lost a loved one to this tragedy, and I have never known anyone personally who has completed it. The thoughts and emotions whirl around wildly as I think of the impact this choice has made on sooo many people who knew her, especially her family. I find that I must distract myself from thinking about it to stop the reverberation of noises in my head attached to memories of feeling like I was drowning in that black hole myself.

I am sure this has shaken many people, each with their own story, their own feelings, their own confusion. Even being one who understands the desperation, I find myself shaking my head. I know this one thing to be true,  to endure you have got to believe you have value. You GOTTA believe that you are someone worth dying for!!

Jesus declares that everyone of us is, that through His death we are sacred and blameless, that we have a purpose. I wish she had believed that in her heart. Today and for eternity, she will hear it face to face from her Savior as He bathes her in His love. She is finally at peace, her war is over. Now a unique battle begins for each person who knew her. God Bless Us…every one.


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  1. marie says:

    I wish she had reached out…
    i wish the pain had not consumed her
    i wish she believed in herself more.

    I’ll be reminding as many people that they matter as I can.

    thank you for speaking out and reminding us to do this!


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