Life’s Ocean

Ocean waves are SO powerful, scary, and dangerous, actually literally life-threatening. They are strong enough to toss a person around like a rag doll. Fight them and they will pound you; flip you;  slam you down. The harder you fight, the stronger they pull, until you are sucked out to the open expanse with little hope of returning to firm ground. The vast blue may look familiar but trying to survive out there will only drain your energy. If the current does not pull you out, the waves will roll you around until they hammer you to  the earth.

If you go with the rhythm, respecting it’s power, you can keep your footing strong. Though the waves pound on your head, they are far less scary; the thunderous force passes quicker and with less damage. You can stand straight between the waves unless you turn to look at the one that has passed. The future may crush you while you are distracted facing the past.

Taking active steps to walk toward the future and further away from the tumultuous surf raging at the shore, you find the waves coming smoother and soon you are able to ride them with less and less effort. Up and over, up and over, using your new strength to move with them and remain balanced. Soon you will find that you become buoyant as your body moves up and down, relaxed.

While floating you must occasionally check for an odd, ominous wave that starts to build and break unexpectedly or it may hit you in the face, once again giving you the feeling that you are going to drown. Being mindful of where you are and what you are doing, you can choose when you ride a wave back to stable ground, thankful to be safe, thankful for the experience.


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