STD Testing Complete

Today I had my final testing for all STD’s that could still be laying low from the rape. As if it is not bad enough to be examined there again, the doctor informed me that my insurance company balked at the medical necessity of the tests. Seriously?!?! Will the violations never end?

On the upside, I found a very compassionate female gynecologist. Before examining me she spent several minutes talking to me about how I was doing emotionally, how my life was going etc. and she seemed genuinely concerned. I was put at ease before the anxious part of the appointment. I was so thankful for her. Whoever was praying about this for me, please accept my sincere gratitude.

By Friday I should know the final results. If they are all negative then I am clear. That will be a huge relief. All prayers will be cherished concerning this matter as well.

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  2. Marie says:

    Whahoooo – a compassionate female dr. now THAT is an answer to prayer!! I remember i wanted to go with you to the last one and tell him a thing or 3.

    You’ll be in my prayers. Please do let me know – I’m trusting God for this for you.

    {{HUGS}} precious one

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