Heart Connections


When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event.  -Robert Pirsig

A couple of weeks ago I asked to be switched from a support group in another city to one close to my house that is also more specific to my recovery from sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. It is great to save 25 miles of driving, and on the healing side it is good to be in a room with others that understand and offer compassion. I have mentioned that I talk to my friends about it, and as much as they want to understand and to reach out and help, they just have no way of knowing what my mind goes through during this recovery time. Being able to connect, really connect, takes away some of the feeling of insanity that is being experienced.

Then there are new friends on Twitter I have never met. Some fight against child abuse, domestic violence, or violence against women. Some are out spreading joy and love and encouragement. Many are there being Jesus with skin on, sharing verses, praises, and worship songs. Each one has the ability to make me smile in their own way. I look forward to the times I can get on online and connect with others in my Twitterverse. While tweeting, there is no judgement and there is a sense of being held up that creates warmth and the desire to walk on.

In all of this; those who know me and try so hard to help, those in a support group who share my language, and those who have never met me and reach out with love, I am indeed most blessed. Thank you to everyone who touches my life.

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  1. conrad says:

    Gas is a factor! I am glad you are saving time and money! Amen!

    Support groups rock! I used to have panic attacks and as soon as i found out there were others out there with the same problem, it went away (well mostly did anyways!).

    And twitter is awesome! McProdigal said something about how we emphasize our commonalities and let the differences kind of fall away. Something like that…. It is true…

    God Bless!

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