A Friend’s Compassion

A very precious friend sent me this email after reading my blog posts. She cried while writing it and  I cried while reading it. I felt as if we were sitting face to face sharing the moment. Her brilliantly compassionate words are something every survivor needs to hear, so please share at least some of these words with someone you love that has been assaulted.

I am so sorry you have to go through so much pain, physically and emotionally and spiritually.  I wish I could take it all away and make you feel visible again.  I read the rest of your blog.  I cried when I read about the pain you are in.  My mind will not even go in the place where you have experienced.  I guess the reason I mention fighting back is to try to fix it in my own way.  Being in your same circumstances, I probably would have done exactly what you did.  You were faced with a split second decision of fighting or flighting and given the knife at your throat, you made the right decision.  It is so easy to be on this side of the trauma and being able to look back with a rational mind–not one that is riddled with terror and self preservation as you were at the time.  Please forgive us who love you in our ignorance when our minds can not get around what you have just experienced and still are.

Thank you, my friend, those are the words of comfort I need to hear!

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