Staying in the Moment

You know God is really trying to get a point across when He repeats itself over several times in a day. For example, about a month after the rapes I had become suicidal, having lost all hope of ever “getting over” it. Well, I facilitate a GriefShare group on Wednesday evenings and hadn’t been in awhile because of the attacks. I decided it might be helpful to go back and the first night I did, we had two new unrelated men in class, each having lost their mothers. They spoke about their mothers like my boys speak about me, “She’s all I’ve got,” “She’s my best friend,” “She’ s always there for me,” etc. They were sobbing and in agony from the pain of their loss. I got it like a 2×4 upside of the head.

If that was not enough, I attended a funeral for the mother of a family of friends that Friday morning. The oldest boy did a short reading toward the beginning of the funeral and the youngest son gave a long life profile at the end. Several times he was stalled by his emotion. I looked up and said, “Okay Lord, I get it.” I resolved that was the end of my thinking selfishly toward my end. I couldn’t do that to my boys.

Most recently the message has been, “Stay in the Moment.” The first message of the day was my friend telling me that that is the lesson she is living in right now. Then one of the books about rape that I am re-reading mentioned staying in the moment. Finally, before sleeping, I decided to read an article about Michael J Fox in Reader’s Digest  because I find him to be so uplifting and encouraging. Included is an excerpt from his latest book, “An Accidental Education” in which is stated:

And if there’s one basic lesson I’ve learned, it is the cardinal importance of this moment…right now.

Then toward the end of the interview is a quote I find so deep and so inspirational if I can remember it “in the moment”. I also find it a perfect thought to leave you to contemplate for yourself:

…but if I stand apart from the moment and say, “In this moment, I’m struggling and I can’t do what I want to do,” not only have I not had a good moment, I’ve missed the moment completely, just by standing outside it and judging it.”

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