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I have had the pleasure of connecting with Marie Wikle, aka spreadingJOY, on twitter recently and have thoroughly enjoyed her cheerfulness, her resounding faith, and dedication to the Lord. She has a ministry by the name of Spreading Joy Corp and that is exactly what she does. Marie’s motto is’ “There is no joy like spreading JOY!” That is what Jesus did and we are called to emulate. Her desire is to not only bring JOY into other people’s lives, but also to teach other people how to spread JOY themselves. What a happy goal! It brings me JOY just picturing it happening. I have had the desire to give and to bring happiness to others since I was young, so a connection with her was quite automatic. The fact that she is Christian just cinched it for me.

She writes about spreading JOY in big and small ways and this morning she made a tweet connection to a post she wrote entitled ‘Another 50 Ways to Make a Difference Without Spending a Penny.‘ Not just 50, another50. I would have never come up with half of this stuff and she did it twice. It shows her dedication to her dream and to other people.

My goal with these ideas is to get you to a point that you are keenly aware of ways to make a difference. That you’ll recognize various chances that tend to pop up. I want your heart to soar as you are doing what you can, where you are, with that you have.  ~Marie Wikle

Here is suggestion #8:  Leave a comment below with a way of spreading joy without spending a penny. 😉

Here is my answer: If you have a blog, or even just have an identity on Twitter, share about someone else’s mission there, share their message and help them spread the word.

I know for a fact that Marie is excellent about spreadingJOY this way as well. So Marie, let me say to you, THANK YOU for what you do and the uplifting and encouraging way in which you do it. May God bless you with growth, outreach, changed lives, and the testemonial stories that bring JOY back to your heart. I am blessed to know you.

Here is her song, our Mrs Lovewell:

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1 Response to Spreading JOY

  1. Marie says:

    Well, my goodness, not sure how I missed this – I must apologize!!

    Thank you for this wonderful act of JOY!! Using your voice, spreading the word about spreading joy – is ahhhhmazing!!

    thank you so much for the wonderful light you shine, for the JOY you bring my way and for how you continue to amaze me and bless me!!

    big {{{HUGS}}}

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