Healing Scars

I have what I consider ugly scars both from his knife and from my own.
Twice I tried to cut out the scars he left behind because most of them
are in such a visible spot I get tired of looking at them, knowing why
they are there. Once triggered by them, it is hard to get in touch
with the logical side of my brain, you know, the part that would say, 
cutting out the old scar will only create a new one?  I also get tired
of people asking me what happened to my legs or to my feet,
which is such a common reaction I do not blame the one questioning
me. So I guess I don’t really get tired of the question, just of the
answer, and I struggle so much with wanting to lie. 

After listening to Broken Girl and being so moved and encouraged by it, I read the story behind both the song and his new album. That in turn made me hunt for more of the songs on the CD. The following is such a comforting reminder that I am healing, and the scars, and my life, are proof of that.

Thank You Matthew West for your outreach of compassion on “The Story of Your Life” and for teaching me with the words ‘The Healing Has Begun’:

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2 Responses to Healing Scars

  1. Teri Hatcher says:

    Scars remind us of where we’ve been. They don’t have to dictate where we’re going. This is a quote from the show, Criminal Minds… I immediately thought of this when I read your post… Beautiful song too! Take care… hugs, t.

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