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Staying in the Moment

You know God is really trying to get a point across when He repeats itself over several times in a day. For example, about a month after the rapes I had become suicidal, having lost all hope of ever “getting over” … Continue reading

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High Prices of Assault

Each day I seem to find something else that being raped has cost me. I share this not to be pitied, but to bring even more awareness to the problem, the aftermath, and possible ways that we can help each … Continue reading

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Fitly Spoken

I was reminded of a quote from my pastor’s sermon this weekend that is so appropriate for my last post, so I wanted to share it.             ‘Tact is saying the right thing,                                                at the right time,                                                           in … Continue reading

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A Friend’s Compassion

A very precious friend sent me this email after reading my blog posts. She cried while writing it and  I cried while reading it. I felt as if we were sitting face to face sharing the moment. Her brilliantly compassionate words are … Continue reading

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Numb Heart Beat

I found this quote from a 16year old girl named Justyce: I feel so numb.. like I can’t find my heart beat. I wonder if she realizes how deep her statement is, that it applies both to the physical and the … Continue reading

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